How to Undo Intolerance By Detoxing Your Belief Systems

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Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.
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Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

It’s not a threat, so don’t take it personally. What it is a mission statement for a social experiment – an experiment that will test your shades of intolerance cast as the shadows of your perceptions. “Contribute to society” has been a mantra for all wielders of cultural preconceptions and those who use belief systems as shields to tackle your truths and push it into false truths.

That’s where we tumble on the tightrope walk across meandering experiences that create our reality. We surrender our judgments and our opinions to a parasitic doppelganger of our life. And in that moment, we lose resonance with the reality that guides us to a path of least resistance; a path that channels happiness through our own authentic experiences.

Life, unmoved by the bites of stereotype breeding snakes spewing the venom of prejudice. What we see and experience right now is all real, but real doesn’t mean it’s authentic to your purpose. Our purpose is what our heart beats for and what our mind longs for – to be engaged and to liberate our lives.

Unfortunately, the reality we live in falls short on the latter. The clarity we need to evaluate is lost in the fog of false confidence. The kind of false confidence that makes us think political puppets and their puppeteers are more qualified to tell you about where to apply your love and when you should give in to fear.

Do you remember that dodgy top in Inception that keeps you wobbling at the edge of your seat as the screen faded into the dark leaving our imagination to write its own epilogue? When was the last time reality gave us the liberty to write our own stories and direct our own journeys? No one’s denying the presence of freedom of speech. That’s a birthright we take from the cradle to the grave – sealed, signed and delivered. It’s the ninja agenda associated with inflammable interests that we really fear and the lack of our faith in our ability to perceive it that cripples our sensibility.


My aim in life is to be a philanthropic travel mockumentary maker organizing and executing a philanthropic initiative with the involvement of both producers and customers – united for a good cause in synchronicity with healthy business relationships. To go beyond branding and cut through red tape fired by a collective vision of welfare for the less privileged through holistic involvement at a soulistic level.

Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Not unless you know how to be mindful. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do – to fall in love with the process of getting there and all the little moments that will define my journey. And so, I’m happy to polish my script writing skills to give me the experience needed to execute my vision soon.

I can drive myself nuts allowing subjective expectations cloud my judgment, or let myself be derailed by those who mock and devalue dreams that do not belong to them. But I’d rather not – not out of spite or anything – but just because it’s not my baggage to carry.

That’s when the damn problem really dawned on me. It’s not as if this is unfamiliar territory.

We see this war rage day and night in front of us when opinions overwhelm common sense ends up as a casualty. And all we do is watch. Some out of helplessness, some out of amusement.

How Insecurity of Identity Perpetuates Intolerance

Sometimes I feel the “intolerance” pill might as well be sweet to be bitter for a diabetic. You just don’t know whose poison is sweeter than the others with so much diversity in sensitivity all around.

It still seeps its way into our culture because our imaginary pride gets hooks its crooked claws around dodgy interests. One way or another, someone’s belief systems and feelings get hurt nonetheless. And then we get to see them parade their pride as more glorious than the pride of others.


There’s only one thing we forget.

There’s nothing to hold onto when all I am is a wave in a depthless ocean of possibilities – a promised companion of the shoreline and a faithful arrow that flying into destiny’s dawning. And when that sweet realization sets in; when that sweet kiss of oxytocin cradles your thought stream, you feel the weight of self-perpetuated limitations crumble away and tune into who we really are.

Just like how we forget enlightenment isn’t a process of gathering but rather a process of unlearning. A lot had been said about the whole intolerance brouhaha and so we keep throwing everything we feel and experience into a bottomless hole of worthlessness that was never meant to exist to worth bothering for.


If everyone could realize they are the ones they’ve been waiting for instead of being brainwashed for the cause of . Meet everyone at your level and the answer to your destiny puzzle will untangle itself. It’s all about living the way you want others to look at life.

As long as you’re willing to do your end to investigate matters before they get printed as fact in the name of shadow interests. Know your position, and the universe will become a singing compass guiding your boat to the shores of everlasting abundance. Love flows in the dancing rhythms of a raging river. It’s up us whether we choose to swim upstream and be overwhelmed by it or let the flow take care of where we go. Fear is just an invisible dagger trying to bruise an inexistent enemy of true self known as the Ego.

Most of us forget the character our media portrays to us of ourselves and society are programmed pixels of fictional pride manufactured for one purpose:



How Non-linear Warfare Became Intolerance’s Favorite New Smooth Operator 

The thing about war is that it starts when propaganda pours the gasoline on our survival instincts by presenting it as the ONLY choice, even going as far as to pour the toxic syrup of pseudo-patriotism to make gore seem like dreamy folklore. As for World War 3, who needs that when the “peace” we have today can be so much more dangerous than it can ever be.

The first two wars did a great job corrupting minds and destroying bodies, but the war that was really needed by power corrupted power brokers on both sides was a war on consciousness that could weaponize peace and trademark freedom. A kind of war that socially engineers people to bend the knee to insecurities, creates isolation to weaken individuality, pisses on privacy, and to always be protected and shepherded from their own shadows by outsourcing their own power.


The moment people start buying into the belief that they’re perpetually stuck between a rock and a hard place, the faith they have in their own discernment becomes a lot weaker when we really wake up to the reality that intention of humanity is splashed with shades of grey.

This is what we call non-linear warfare – a new system of political control that perpetuates the victim complex to play all sides against each other to create a social stalemate that almost always requires a direct intervention by centralized authorities. And by preserving the ‘going to daddy’ option to complain about your emotional boo boos, these power brokers guarantee their own indispensability and swallow more of your fundamental rights without burping to give you the illusion of safety.

Take a look around the politically controlled matrix of belief systems and false agendas weaved by at how worked up we get trying to form conclusions about something that never had a beginning and always is. One can’t see the devil in the details when we’re too reckless to bother caring about who’s spiking our intellectual cocktails with propaganda.


When was the last time you could hear anyone get away with saying: “Tumhaare muh mein ghee, dil ki gandagee free, aur gaand se gudgudi mukt ho” without being trolled by social justice warriors and PC miscellaneous drones.

Well, I suppose that might be too ambitious when you can’t even post a Louis CK stand-up performance on forums like Reddit without being flagged for politically incorrect content and getting into sentimental superiority contests to prioritize whose feels got touched in more inappropriate places than someone else’s.



Unfortunately, these self-proclaimed guardians of identity and patent trolls of integrity never quite catch the simple beauty of the self-realized who truly understand the value of intention and context in every action in life. They are the ones who can make decisions free from dogmatic derivations and laugh without taking themselves too seriously.

The time has come for each of us to decide what kind of a world we want to live – one where the instigators of intolerance pretend to be the investigators, or one where we’re still free to investigate the instigators and make up our own damn minds.

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Prashant Bajpai

About Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.