About Baba

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They call me a romancer of duality; a part-time salesman of unity,

Baba 432 is my name – favored tourist of the universe is my claim to fame,

Messenger of God? Nah!

Just an eager pawn testing an unwinnable game,


I know not secrets of life, death, or mysticism miscellaneous,

But I do know I am curious.

I know that FINDING is more important than being popular,

Finding the promise, the chase, the question, the problem, the journey, of something spectacular,

Not necessarily in the same order,

Or even fantastical, maybe thrilling, but hopefully not heartbreaking,

And allow me to find it breathtaking,

The only God that’s ever understood me or driven me,

Is my dream to embrace infinity.

So listen to me or let me listen,

I won’t stop trying to fill what’s missing

A student of symptoms and a slave of senileness,

Preaching visions kissed by the wilderness,

I strive to thrive,

Survive but not deprive,

Earn what I derive,

And not buy what I can’t drive.

Ask me a question, or better, ask me two,

Do I know the answers? I can’t say “I do”,

I am here to fly in the why,

Not believe or deny.


                                                  – Baba 432

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