When the Levee Breaks – Before the 2016 Reality Reset

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Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.
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Attention is the sole savior of judgment free perception. It’s an unpleasantly persistent instinct that always makes us want to see the world in black or white.

The truth is that all truths are but half truths and all paradoxes can be reconciled.

Let’s not blow our chances for greatness just because we’re stuck in the mud weighed down by belief systems way past their expiry date. But I’ve rambled on enough about belief systems being the ones to blame for our communication castration.

Let me tell you more about why beliefs are just placeholders of popular rhetoric in the pages of history and why they mean nothing to us in the grand scheme of things.

Every belief has an expiry date is because they can only apply to the moment in which they were conceived. As every moment passes, each belief is an educated guess at best and a reckless discrimination at worst.

How can we know our perceptions will be good enough to make the right call of character when time is constantly testing us with shape-shifting terrors and making us play Tetris with our decisions? There’s no room for a middle ground anymore as even sensible opposition has been hijacked to polarize public opinion and sell hidden agendas.

“The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves”, said Vladimir Lenin.

Every moment of life shares a common purpose – to unfold infinitely and find its true expression. And true expression is a force of freewill that isn’t choked by fear or chained by judgment.

Nothing does justice to the expression of our existence better than letting our thought gravy float in zero gravity, unbranded by judgment and untainted in perspective. And when we finally suspend the suspension of disbelief in our own moral compass, we realize that nothing was ever meant to make us see red or feel blue without our consent.

Yet, there are still those who would have us marching off cliffs to the depths of our despair by parading the bravado of red, white and blue and polarizing our perception through propaganda puppetry.


But 2016 marks the end of an era and the dawn of an awakening. It is the year when the reality reset officially kicks off.

You will not believe some of the things in store for you this year. But 2016 is only the beginning. The beginning of the end of the ways of the old and gateway to the ascension of our consciousness. Long story short, a lot of crooks from the elite criminal nexus are going to get what’s coming to them over the next few years. Not in a fluffy headline packing featherweight content way, but in a heartbreakingly heavy way.

Institutions will become institutionalized examples of administrative failures and greed will be ground up into pieces by the hammer of the law.

The truth of ancient civilizations and cyclic extinction level events that reset human history will rise.

The disappointments of modern civilizations will overwhelm.

Climate will continue to hit back and the global economy will continue to purge as the devastation of our choices of “progress” will prompt us to wake up from our short-sighted materialist stupor and decongest all the subliminal programming that clogged our brains.

Although personally, the cherry on top of this soon-to-be roller coaster year would be finding out Donald Trump’s hair weave is an extraterrestrial entity. Speaking of which, the UFO agenda and black budget economy will be exposed for the first time in bits and pieces over the next decade.

So what comes next and how the hell did we miss the shenanigans that led to this reality reset? Maybe we knew it all along. Perhaps the obligations of survival weakened our resolve and deception dissolved what remained left of it. Ever wondered why Cobain found it so easy to say “Come As You Are”? Maybe because he met someone gracious enough to say “I Am That I Am”.

It’s time the commandeers of sweat equity get a reality check. It’s time for society to choose if they wish to struggle and survive or to illuminate and thrive. There are no sides to take. It’s time to dump our Stockholm syndrome and the fake ass cultural drama on its obsolete ass.

Punch in the words your heart bleeds and quit licking and lashing at imaginary wounds. These wounds are only wounds of perception. And perception – just like reality – is a matrix of possibilities imagined by a mind stuck in a subway station without a destination.

The human mind is not meant to be used as a belief system manufacturing pressure cooker of prejudices. It has been programmed against its own limitlessness by a machine that keeps beating the war drums to sell fresh fear and inject a morphine of confusion into our consciousness programming.


And that’s when it hit me.

What if chaotic confusion is the product? What if the model version of sobriety sold to society is nothing but a deeper waking sleep designed to dull our senses? What if question marks look like sickles because they’re meant to cultivate your thought process? (yeah I put this last one in for the hell of it)

Because lately, the story told by the gatekeepers of information has become a circus of opinions instead of doing their job and presenting a mindfully untainted analysis. But don’t be mad at them. Like Zappa once said: “Politics is just the entertainment wing of the military industrial complex.”

It’s time to make a call. Do we crawl into our comfort zone and end up like the frog that boils to death drowning in the droning of pseudo-intellectuals and shills? Or do we jump out and reclaim what belongs to us – the power to provide and the passion to unite?

It’s time to cleanse this imperialism intoxicated by materialism and break free from the colonial inertia holding humanity hostage since we decided to disguise plunder under the mask of pragmatism and progress.


We don’t need a violent revolution to accommodate this reality reset.

We just need to ask the right questions with impartial intentions and this matrix of institutionalized deception will collapse under its own weight. And as we go deeper down the rabbit hole, chopping away at stubborn webs of selfish deceit and cleaning out skeletons in history’s closet to reach the center of our blood pumping boom box we call our heart, the layers dissolve of their own accord. Not because you burnt them, or ripped them off, but because they couldn’t hold onto you because you set them free before they could fool you.

When we surrender to the splendor of our beloved wonder, there’s a space; a void – a place where the human possibility sees the reflection of its infinite potential and the urgency of judgment is replaced by a sense of contentment and a touch of inspiration. We are the ones we have been waiting for.

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Prashant Bajpai

About Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.