How Radical Acceptance Gave Wings to My Social Consciousness

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Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.
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The world is as empty or packed with possibilities as you imagine it to be. Keep that in mind when karma pays you back in kind. But, here’s the thing – there are seven billion ways of looking at what qualifies as karma and what doesn’t.

You’re always confused, walking in circles and overflowing with paradoxes, pretending to let belief systems fill in as the silent spokespersons with all the answers to your life when they’re nothing more than lifeless spectators.


They are nothing more than pretenders. Because they were never made for the questions you sought to quench your soul’s thirst for a taste of its alchemically divine singularity.

We were born to be creators who could trace the organizing principle of life and read between the lines of programmed maya. Those who would awaken from its trance are the ones who see its luscious but limited horizons, and choose to fly without cloudy judgment evading their inner vision.

Radical Acceptance – Breaking Belief Systems to Counter the Perception Puppeteers

Life is indeed a bittersweet symphony; a shapeless staircase with unpredictable ups and downs, trying to help you ascend the stagnation sandpits of mainstream mind control. But you’ll never know the path until you walk it. Experience is the most unbiased professor you’ll ever have because its wisdom will always be rooted in the pure, bias-free afterglow of the present moment. But experience is a multi-dimensional rollercoaster that can often make you throw up with its vicious vertigo.


Time is crafty, but it always has a warm room in its depthless heart for those who resonate with their true cause. Find the right cause and you will discover your own timelessness.

In case you all are wondering what you just read, it’s a play-by-play of the dream of a concept I like to call ‘radical acceptance’. And you can use it to create a foundation of blissfully conscious energies free from the gravity of vile vortices of discrimination and indecision.

Don’t accept the debt of a future that will never truly exist if you have to forsake your present for it. And in this present moment, I feel a rush of radical acceptance flowing through my veins pumping confidence into my karma.

Thoughts are creative debris from the uncharted depths of sheer genius gone nuclear. They skip from ingenious in one moment to outlandish in another, competing against each other as gladiators in a deathmatch of quantum gymnastics.

Long overdue confrontations with toxic relationships are the ones we need to make just as an avalanche is a mountain’s way of letting go to make room for new. Releasing judgment is not for a kindness to others. It is a kindness to ourselves – a spiritual vacuum cleaner to suck away all the grimy illusions and belief systems projected onto us by others. After all, even the mightiest of mountains must have avalanches to make room for fresh snow.

Everyone has to honor the limitations of their sanity and accept that we are worthy of turning our life around. Experience is the most unbiased teacher you can have faith in because it will teach you your lessons whether you’re in school or out of it.

Undiluted experience cannot be a magic carpet fairy tale told enforced by the end of a bloodlusted cold barrel. Only then can it become an oasis of pure learning that laughs at limits and detoxes burnt out belief systems that poisoned your thought patterns. There’s no vindication like self-invoked vindication. And you can only get that when you understand that confidence is not greater than clarity.

Saving Free Media – No More Half Measures


I imagine if I put a shotgun to the head of social media and asked it what its last wish was, I’m sure it would go something like: “Hello! Stop taking a selfie and listen up. I was born to be a goddamn star. I was supposed to be the Sun of your networking solar system, but you would rather use me as suntan to spice up your image, or worse, a digital dildo to spruce up your selfie orgasms. But now my life is in danger and the only way you can save is by using me for impact instead of debating for ego baiting. You want your freedom. My life is the last chance you have to fight for it. Make it count or prepare to surrender your mind to propaganda pissing drones. Don’t march to the beat of the war drums played by bloodlusted hypnotists with a profiteering hard on. Don’t be a victim to sinister interests that want nothing more but to sell your reason, auction your integrity, and challenge your security.”

It’s time to ask time who does it tick for and make your sweet surrender to the affections of Self curiosity.

It’s time to stop rehearsing for the answer to “Who am I?” for interview and allow ourselves to dive into the depths of our essence and baptize ourselves with shining purpose.

We don’t need no floatation devices. We surf the waves as tall and tough as they come. The sea is the womb we emerged from. It taught us the value of connectivity by teaching you to go with the flow in its most liberally pragmatic essence. We can sail when the sea rages, surf when its waves playfully caress us, dive deep into its hypnotic abyss, and still find our way up to catch the divine breath of life waiting to greet us when we break above the surface.


So don’t let anyone put fear where it doesn’t fit. Don’t accept prejudice that isn’t yours. Don’t deny what you can’t prove or derive conclusions from manufactured narratives. Your anger is a

Here’s a little tribute to a creative legend of the past by a legend of the present to sign off this post. It shows what the power of free expression can accomplish and why it must be protected by us.

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Prashant Bajpai

About Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.