Regaining Resonance Through Involvement Without the Fear of Entanglement

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Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.
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We can’t afford oversight when perception polluters are knocking at our door, waiting for us to wander away from our center, and get in line with their pitch of what your reality should be defined by. Let’s take a moment of silence to acknowledge that we do indeed live in comfortable times, and yet we remain conflicted with empty threats of mental indigestion. Always being forced to make up our minds and sell our loyalty in seconds just so we can subscribe to a bag of tricks and treats.

Accepting roles before knowing our parts is what’s wrong with the world. Our purpose is our spaceship that will fly us to the pure lands with nothing but infinite love as a fuel, food, and fever companion through our journey in this life.

When you try to defend outdated belief systems with self-invented fundamentalist band-aids, all you end up wasting your time on is selling insurance for sand castles. The sea is a moody architect who may be kind or may kindfully lay waste to its surroundings.

You can create all you want, but you cannot lay claim to anything. Seeking resonance with the ever-renewing present is the only comfort we have. Unfortunately, it takes a lifetime sometimes to understand that it is the only comfort we ever need.

Reality becoming roadkill for butt-headed expectations


Humanity has always been too dangerous to live and too rare to die. It can however, be programmed with prejudice by its delusional directors to distort reality and contort opinions. All they have to do is channel misguided empathy into euthanizing context connecting the observer and the observed. And what do they substitute it with? Nothing but a liberal helping of mind-numbing, judgment-impairing sensationalism that keeps us dancing in the circles they want you to dance within.

Anything outside it is a figment of your imagination is what they would have you believe. It’s not like we don’t know what’s going on. The signs have been as subtle as a sledgehammer in the past few years to be quite honest. But we all still dreamed the American Dream even though George Carlin warned us that we have to be asleep to believe in it.


We are impossible to control, but saying that we are hard to fool would be egoistic blasphemy. The dark art of distorting perceptions has always been a fantasy of cults of control. So it’s not surprising that programming passiveness into minds of limitless inventiveness is a hunting game they’d shy away from.

Unfortunately, in cases of mental indigestion, we sometimes loses ourselves hunting for perfection trying to solve a Rubik’s cube of our ever-evolving, ephemeral expectations. What I’m really aching to say it and not spray it is to question why we don’t challenge our numbness or get in touch with our consciousness.

We stopped calling home; choosing to look for answers in ego-drooling brothels and walking away from embracing intention in favor of parading ignorance under the fading sun of false pride.

Fear is only a formality, love is a privilege


The greatest fears aren’t fears of what is, but fears of what isn’t; fears of what is yet to come and fears of what may never come. And so, with a whimper instead of a bang, we surrender the rights to live our reality through experience because second-hand belief systems think they can do a better job nursing our curiosity.

We even dismiss the apples of our eyes as the lemons of our lives at the click of a moment because someone else thinks so.

We begin to question even what resonates with us naturally to make ourselves sink to our knees soaked in shame; a shame that trembles at the sight of fame afraid of the merciless flames of blame.

Yet deep down, we still know: we are more than what we seem. We may be a tiny speck of stardust, but we are a tiny speck of stardust blowing through the universe’s skirt. And when we stop worrying about sensing what must keep us awake and realize that we must awaken to our reality before we apply our senses.

And then resonance manifested through revelation…



That’s when it finally hits you.

The purpose of life is to unfold, but we are its immortal observers…imprisoned in a self-created field of limitations to crystallize our collective consciousness faster.  We are not just playing the game; we are programming it simultaneously. We can rebuild reality with our own hands driven by our own vision and blend into the beats of the universe if we choose to.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we are infinite, we are immortal – in all the wonderful childhood fantasy and CV pimping ways imaginable.

But we can only awaken to our immortal, incorruptible True Self sitting within when we come to terms with our ever-changing nature of existence. And when you taste the bliss of self-realization, you are forever transformed. Not because you change, but because you realize the only reason we feel we change is because we attach our identities to belief systems.

Makes sense at one level, doesn’t it?

Why we end up tripping on stagnation stimulants and fooled into the cage of cultural programming turning tricks for someone who tells us what’s best for us.


The more we try to see ourselves fit into the mold of success defined by someone else, the more incomplete we feel even when we taste success.

Ever wondered why peace feels so elusive? Perhaps because we always imagine it to be a creation OF our circumstances instead of accepting it as a state of being that creates the circumstances conducive to peacefulness.

Where is peace or chaos without the observer? Nowhere. I always say that the reason we love conquering mountain peaks is because we can finally drop the heavier mountain of expectations from our shoulders even if it is at the cost of a few frozen toes. A primal instinct we justify it as. But I think we’re really afraid of the answer because it makes us question who we are. And we’re afraid of that. Not because we won’t like who we see, but we’re afraid of the possibility there won’t be anyone to answer.

What if revolution was never meant to fix our perspective’s lack of resolution?


Holding on to the fallacy that we control the outcomes of life is an illusion we create for our self. We do not know what the future will bring or pretend we can conquer consequences of each action and reaction that spins the wheel of karma forward.

All we know is that the best we can do is to observe the flow of universal possibilities and create resonance between thought and intention to manifest what brings the best out of us.

Experience is the most ruthless yet unbiased teacher we’ll ever have because it forces us to shift our perspective beyond the blacks and whites, wage war against conformity, and re-examine our concept of uniformity in intention and action.

When you embrace the present with non-judgment, and learn love without attachment, live without expectation and perceive without judgement, your perception comes into resonance with your reality. And you perceive the world the way it really is; the way you love it – beautifully, unconditionally.


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Prashant Bajpai

About Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.