Unveiling the Synchronicity Singularity – Thank You Professors Wachowskis

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Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.
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Knock knock.

Who is it?


Coincidence who?

Coincidence, the warm blanket of comfort we throw over synchronicity to satisfy the cold logic of cut-throat rationalism for whom deduction is the ultimate seduction.

What’s grinding my gears, you ask? Perhaps because I believe coincidence is an attempt at sugarcoating synchronicity by those whose left-brained lethargy turned their imagination into a couch potato. They dismiss it as a half-assed hallucination borne out of a desperation for connection. But what they fail to understand is that hallucination is the mind’s outward projection of inner delusion contaminating objectivity.

“When Reality Throws Curveballs With Your Name On It, Will You Be There To Knock It Out Of The Park?”, asked Chaos cackling away into the darkness.

To which Sunny Synchronicity replied, “I am the One who knocks”


In Carl Jung’s book “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle”, it is not the realm of the objective that defines our reality, but the subjective meaning that connects us. Without an observer (you), there is no mind, no synchronicity to bridge the conscious and super conscious, and no meaning to derive from its presence. Thoughts connected to events, mind connected to movements of matter, absent of a cause (acausal).

Synchronicity, is the mind’s union with the will of the universe, because life does not flow to a ‘nature vs nurture’ rhetoric; it’s nature’s job to nurture even if we forget to nurture what nature has given us. We live our lives in perfect ignorance of this everlong feedback loop, but we can never cut the metaphorical umbilical cord that links us to our environment.

Synchronicity is the key out of the matrix. It’s a wink from the universe we perceive that what we create recreates us and vice versa. Yet, most of us are conditioned to castrate the magic from the meaning and mislabeling miracles as madness.

Sooner or later, our mirrors of sense perception must break if we are to see the miracles abound in every little corner of our infinite consciousness, waiting for us to tear through the veil of outdated belief systems. And when we finally come to terms with the fact that the magic is not in the content of our circumstances, but the context of our our perception, the magic is realized through the magician.

What Does It Mean and Why Does Intuitive Instinct Tell Us It Cuts Deeper Than Coincidence


Synchronicity is the dart destined to hit the bull’s eye of the hurricane stirring within your heart when you least expect it. It tears through the fog of randomness to deliver a reality check. You never get to see it coming, but you get it to see it go. But when we’re awake enough to recognize its presence, it gifts us everything we need to make the best out of the present.

It boldly swings a hammer at the heart of our fears and flushes them free us from the burden of belief systems. You might be wondering what the hell is it? Think of the brain and its neural pathways as an electrochemically activated game of snakes and ladders mapped to match your attention patterns and habits. The longer you roll the dice to reinforce them to feed your affirmations, the stronger their network becomes.

The One is the very manifestation of absolute freewill and the pure spirit of art of the Architect of the Architects. His imagination is a box of candy flavored by wonders worthy of transcendence. He is the one who recognizes that he is not merely a figment of imagination, but an incarnation with a divine invitation. And he is you, and you, and you who haven’t even read this, and even you who haven’t been born yet.

The Calm Before The Storm – Taming the Toxic Misuse of Duality


Something spills over the horizon.

It is the tide of hardened habits that binds us to this ball and chain system of reckless compliance.

It seems every generation is born into a culture artificially impregnated with tumors of tradition that justify inequality and tribal superstitions rooted in fear that do nothing more than strengthen the illusion of separation the longer they endure.


“Forget the friction of a cold revolution. Create the fusion for a healthy renaissance,” whispers the morning breeze as it serenades your senses with sunny possibilities.

“The faster we realize we’re not a coolie of the cosmos but the curator of it, the easier it gets for our creativity to cure our chronic identity constipation crisis,” insists your reflection as it illuminates you to your reality.

“Greed is a prison of delusion that breeds tales of the cautionary kind. Love is the only key that lets your creativity unwind,” cries your latent talent, reminding you what lies beyond the adulterated glory that society conjures.

Nothing holds us back other than our illusions of something holding us back. Potential is forever seated on a kinetic precipice. And kinetic is always moving untethered to milk your potential. It’s where we choose to focus our attention that becomes the eye of the hurricane because let’s not forget – if fate is the architect of our reality, then freewill surely is its father.

Within the illusion of time, man’s world is a duality encased within a coin flipped off the boundaries of space-time.

Call heads, and it’s Valar Dohaeris; call tails, and it’s Valar Morghulis. All men must serve and all men must die and return to the Source. Duality is a deceptive melancholy rocking a dreamy body, but it never fails to answer the call of unity, just like the coin never fails to kiss the ground no matter the call you make.

Remembering Who We Already Are, Trusting What Is Already Within


We believe that choice separates us from others. However, when you remember that you are a multidimensional being, your consciousness will expand beyond the limitations of the mere concept of limitation.

So this is your calling. Are you waiting for a superhero? Then allow the child within to bloom again and steer the calm of your essence. Allow yourself to fall in love with the world and take you to places you never thought you’d go and teach you things you had always dreamed to learn.

An ancient Hopi Indian prophecy states, “When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge”. This will be the Day of Purification.

Purification implies dissolution. But dissolution is not necessarily bad news like the fear-peddling “shepherds” of information and imitation patriots of “liberation” would have you believe. Dissolution is the trident of purity that tears this claustrophobic veil of illusions damming the natural flow of our consciousness.

To get through to the cherry flavored center of truth, you have to bite through half-baked theories of the apocalypse. Heck, apocalypse doesn’t even mean doomsday. The literal translation of apocalypse is a ‘lifting of the veil’; not some forsaken affliction channeled by a jealous creator to teach us a lesson.

Co-creating Our Reality With The Universe


It begins with the union of the heart and mind systems of self perception. Getting in touch with the primordial magnetism within our hearts to dance to the tune of our true passions with more compassion. The past always finds a funny way of presenting the future to us even though it cannot touch us. But somehow, the shadow of the past creeps into the light of your present and makes us believe pay ransom

Nature gives us more than enough to go around, but we still feel tied to scarcity-rooted incentivization to serve our kinks with indoctrination in civilization.

We are a self-generating program coded by the see-sawing of our senses reflected in the gleaming blade of our sheer will. Intention is the source of the code we feed into our environment and reflection is the feedback of our environment perceived through intuition.

We are part of a co-creation and always free to walk the path of the sacred middle because if we have always felt like we were born on a planet we never fit into, then it was probably because we were born to change it.

The story of the One is the story of each and everyone of us. Thank you for sharing the synchronicity of your celluloid magic with us to help me understand that.

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Prashant Bajpai

About Prashant Bajpai

I'm a content marketing evangelist and serial growth hacker trying to decrypt duality and access unity. Why? Because that's my jam.